News - 5 chemical-free ways to clean your BBQ

5 chemical-free ways to clean your BBQ

Nothing beats a barbecue when it comes to smell and taste. The downside is the clean-up when it’s over. But Beefeater Barbecues’ managing director Peter Woodland has some great tips that will make cleaning the grill a chemical-free breeze. [Tweet "Nothing beats a barbecue when it comes to smell & taste. The downside is the clean-up ..."]   “Besides the delicious flavours a barbecue can add to your meal, having next to no pots or pans to clean up in the kitchen when barbecuing outdoors is yet another bonus to enjoying a meal alfresco,” Peter says. “While a barbecue can certainly takes the work out of the kitchen, it’s equally as important to keep your grill clean at the end of the meal. Just like your oven or microwave, the barbecue should be seen as another appliance in your home. People should think of their barbecues like their stovetops. A light clean at the end of every use is important, followed by a thorough wipe down dependent on the frequency of its use.”   It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean the barbecue needs to be wheeled away to collect cobwebs, Peter says. “Throwing winter barbecues in Australia is easily done, and while you may be too cold to clean the barbecue off immediately after cooking, spending five minutes before sitting down to eat will save you hours attempting to scrub off the grease build-up after your guests are gone.”   barbecue-griller-outdoors-grill-steak   Peter says it isn’t necessary to buy expensive cleaning products that will sit in the back of the cupboard causing unnecessary clutter and collecting dust. Instead there are things in your kitchen cupboard that will work equally as effectively as chemicals.  

1.   Soda Scrub down

Baking soda. A highly undervalued item in the pantry, it can remove odours, lift stains and can also help to clean a barbecue grill. Simply sprinkle dry baking soda on a damp brush and scrub! Voila, the baking soda will eat through the grease leaving your barbecue shiny and new.


2.   Antibacterial Cleaner

From bathroom germs to barbecue grime, full-strength white vinegar is pungent on the nose, and on the grease. Spray a generous amount onto the barbecue hot plate and wipe clean with a damp cloth. To avoid the nasty smell lingering, simply rinse with warm water.


3.   Beer Bath

Yes, you heard right. Now you no longer need an excuse to crack an early beer. Use half a can of beer over a pre-heated hotplate and scrape the plate with a wire brush or rub down with paper towel and newspaper once it’s cooled enough to touch. Watch as the grime wipes easily away to reveal a beautifully clean grill.


4.   Lemon Rub

Believe it or not, lemons are useful for more than just making lemonade. Grab a couple of good sized lemons and cut them into halves. Heat the grill up and dip the exposed flesh of the lemon into a dish of salt. The natural acidity of the lemon combined with the abrasiveness created by the salt will sterilize the grill in seconds.


5.   Pressure cooker

We all know that cleaning the barbecue as soon as you’ve finished cooking is the best time to get on top of the grease, but when the enticing smell of freshly cooked meat is calling, this important task can often get forgotten. Instead, fill up a metal baking tray with water and place over a burner at a low heat (the remaining burners should be off). Close the lid and enjoy your meal. When you have a moment to step away from the guests simply head back to the barbecue and slowly lift the lid. The steam will loosen the built up gunk and make the clean up a breeze.

  friends-outdoor-dinner-champagne-toast-gathering   Finally, Peter suggests if the barbecue brush isn’t at hand, or lost among the chaos of the party, simply grab a good sized sheet of aluminium foil, scrunch into a decent sized ball and use your superhuman strength to scrub at the grill. This trick only works when the grill is warm, so be sure to have a pair of thongs handy to avoid contact with the grill.
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