News - Top tips to wrangle handbags

Top tips to wrangle handbags

We hang our clothes on hangers and put undies and socks in drawers – but what on earth are we mean to do with our handbags? This is the dilemma woman have faced since time immemorial and, given most of us can boat quite a collection, here are a few options we've unearthed to keep your clutches, totes and purses neat, tidy and ready for action.  

Clutches and purses

A hanging shoe bag is perfect for storing these small items, although it's an idea to wrap them in soft fabric first to keep the dust off. You can also pop them into clear show storage boxes and stack them on the top shelf of the wardrobe since (most of us) don't use them very often. Then there are coat hooks that can be screwed to the bedroom wall or behind the door.   colorful-lady-designer-handbags-brown-black-blue  

Shoulder bags and totes

These have long straps, so you can hang them in the wardrobe (if you have space) using hooks or coat hangers. Another option is to stack them side by side along the top shelf of the wardrobe. Another option is to buy large clear storage bins and keep them in those.  

Too boring?

Believe it or not, you can buy handbag trees and they look gorgeous. These freestanding trees are like coat racks but with more arms. There are also over the door hangers meant for purses and clutches, but they won't help much for the bigger items.   chisinau-moldova-leather-goods-exhibition-handbag-collection-2014   If you're short on wardrobe space, and your bags are gorgeous, why not buy a display cabinet and let them double as artworks in the living room. If you've got a bare wall, don't buy a painting. Another way to put those lovely bags on display until they’re needed is to screw decorative planter baskets to the wall and pile your bags artistically inside them. A wall-mounted wine rack will also look good and is just the right shape to cradle your clutches and purses. Magazine racks are also perfect to keep your handbags standing upright and looking good. Decorative versions can be left on display while the square-shaped plastic ones are perfect for stacking side by side along a shelf.   Want to learn more? Check out this YouTube video:
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