News - Top tips to add light and space to your house with mirrors

Top tips to add light and space to your house with mirrors

Mirrored walls can make a small room appear larger and add instant light to a dark space. That doesn’t mean it has to be a large span of floor-to-ceiling glass. You can break up the area using materials such as timber or metal, perhaps creating a faux window by creating small “panes”. You could also alternate between panels of mirrors and other materials such as timber, stone or metal such as copper or brass. Don’t be restricted to geometric shapes either: metals can be shaped into a curve that can cut across the mirror diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Position mirrors so they reflect the view and light coming in from a window. A reflection of the outdoors is a sure way to make a room seem larger. Mirrors installed across from each other also have a dramatic impact to the size of the room. When it comes to the bedroom, a mirror behind a bed not only creates the illusion of more space but acts as a bedhead.   modern-dining-room-table-wood-floor-overlooking-view-interior-design   Mirrors have traditionally hung above fireplaces, but why not create a more contemporary effect by sticking panels of mirrors to the side of the fireplace as well as above it? Extend them all the way to the top of the chimney and you’ve got an extraordinary effect that will radiate light (and flames) in winter. Powder rooms are often small and dark, but lining the entire wall behind the vanity will not only add light and the illusion of space, but will also give the smallest room in the house a touch of glamour. Not only that, it’s can double as a splashback. Speaking of splashbacks, mirrors can also brighten up a traditionally dark corner of the kitchen: behind the stove. Although they're bound to get a little greasy or dirty, like tiles all you have to use is a little window cleaner to clean them up. A mirror will bounce any available light around, not only making it easier to see the meal you're preparing, but make it a more enjoyable place to stand.   round-mirror-on-wall-green-couch-dotted-curtains-beige-sidetable-living-room   While large mirrors can be quite pricey, small mirrors from discount or charity stores (or garage or boot sales) can be grouped together to create a big impact. A great idea is to go for the eclectic look. Buy lots of mirrors in different frames and shapes, then paint them the same colour to pull the look together. Outside, mirrors are fabulous for making small courtyards appear larger. Framed in ivy against a fence, the view is doubled. Large gardens can also benefit from mirrors set into doors attached to a fence. This creates a sense of mystery as you appear to gaze into another garden beyond.
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