News - Tiles set to star on the interiors stage

Tiles set to star on the interiors stage

Tiles have long been treated as the poor relation of interiors – downtrodden as floor coverings or relegated to the bathroom or laundry. But the emerging trend is bringing tiles out of the shadows to features as artistic wall coverings. [Tweet "Bringing tiles out of the shadows to feature as artistic wall coverings."]   Tile Megamart recently unveiled its new Spring/Summer 2015/16 collection, revealing masses of pattern and shapes in earthy neutrals, warm whites and startlingly realistic timbers. Yes, tiles have gone mainstream creating a canvas of texture and pattern that will harmonise with virtually everything. One of the stand outs of the new crop is the hexagonal shaped tile that celebrates pattern like no other – chequered prints, strong geometrics and free-flow swirls in a palette of coffee, nougat, tan and sorrel on a warm white background. Homeowners can choose to fuse all the patterns together to create a unique artwork, or opt for one or two for a more sedate look. The emphasis is on creating a customised look.   hexagonal-wall-and-floor-tiles-portobello-resort   The Resort porcelain tiles, 200mm x 200mm, are available in two colours – Resort Wine and Resort Black (a mix of charcoal and warm greys on mid white). Another option is to use large hexagonals in solid colours such as white with charcoal – a combination that creates a striking background for any colour scheme.   white-graphite-wall-and-floor-hexagonal-tiles-portobello-top-view   Six 6 is a bold porcelain hexagonal, that measures 480mm x 480mm, and is available in ten colours – from teal and marsala to warm whites, deep greys and earthy neutrals. These tiles are suitable for use on floors and walls to create striking backdrops for kitchen, bathroom and living areas. Those seeking a more natural look – with a twist – can try the Portabello Reserva range. This is a porcelain timber parquet in a chevron design that combines several different timbers. The Reserva is difficult to distinguish from natural timber – but is far easier to install. The 300mm x 1200mm tiles cleverly create the beautifully complex chevron pattern and yet are installed in the same way as any other tile. The colour options include Reserva Botanico for warm, mid tone browns; Reserva Central Park for lighter tans through to mid greys; and Reserva Forest for a mix of cooler greys.   white-graphite-wall-and-floor-hexagonal-tiles-portobello-side-view   For more inspiration, visit out Pinterest page:
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