News - Stylish new era in apartment living

Stylish new era in apartment living

Above photo courtesy of Norup + Wilson Apartment developments are changing. Have you noticed? The rectangular, faceless, box-like structures of days gone by are slowly giving way to architecturally designed, state-of-the-art iconic structures. Inside, too, the best apartments now offer cutting-edge style, complete with all modern technologies and personalised, on-trend interiors. Plus, today’s apartment developments are all about lifestyle and luxury living. It sounds pretty appealing! “Apartments have generally become better quality over time,” Norup + Wilson’s Dave Wilson explains. “Not only because of the increased standards to the Building Code of Australia, but also because of a demand from the purchasers.” According to Dave, we’re entering an era of amazing apartment design: “In the past there has been a heavy emphasis on the ‘box-style’ apartment. “Our best compliment from our buyers is that our apartment designs ‘don’t look like the usual box apartment design’. In this regard we support the Victorian Government’s approach to updating the guidelines to ensure that other developers create liveable and lasting apartments.”   [caption id="attachment_5572" align="alignnone" width="690"]norup-and-wilson-living-room Photo courtesy of Norup + Wilson[/caption]   Then, of course there are the technological advancements. In Norup + Wilson’s Precinct development, for example, the building is being future-proofed with additional network access points and other IT functionality. This also includes the provision for designated car charging points for residential cars, power generator modules on the lift cars, and efficient building services. In the past, apartment developments sold off the plan had fairly similar facilities and build quality. Contemporary apartments, however, are offering eye-catching external facades, unique amenities including cafes and restaurants, and features such as dumbwaiters, which connect to the restaurants below. “The point of difference with our developments is the ability to draw upon the benefits of living within a multi-rise development by connecting occupiers like never before, whilst still maintaining a high level of privacy,” Dave explains. Internally, apartments are moving away from a one-size-fits-all design, with layouts, proportions and sizes to suit a range of occupiers.   [caption id="attachment_5570" align="alignnone" width="690"]norup-and-wilson-bathroom Photo courtesy of Norup + Wilson[/caption]   “Purchasers should have a choice of more than just ‘a dark colour scheme or a light colour scheme’,” Dave says. “Our purchasers can mix and match between the colour schemes and if there’s something special they want, we grab the sketchpad and try and design the solution with you.” According to Dave, the best apartments focus on lifestyle, both within the building and around the development. “Our goal is to ensure residents have access to a lifestyle that offers comfortable living, and access to transport and other amenities.”
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