News - Natural make-up that’s good for skin and the environment

Natural make-up that’s good for skin and the environment

Kailah Shannon believes that make-up should go beyond covering imperfections and instead, create a healthier skin without harm or damage to the environment. The natural beauty devotee and mother founded MG Naturals from her Queensland home in 2013. Her aim was to create an organic, vegan and 100% titanium dioxide-free make-up line that was safe and chemical-free. “Finally there’s a makeup that acts like skin care, soothing, hydrating and nourishing your skin,” she says. MG Naturals offers a range of colour cosmetic products designed to improve skin appearance while promoting skin health and eliminating petrochemicals and toxins from the ingredient list. The range includes safe to use beauty balms, 100% titanium dioxide-free foundations and mineral powders and organic lip glazes tinted using Australian clay in place of artificial pigments.   mg-naturals-organic-airbrush-foundation-cream-powder-pack   The all-in-one Beauty Balm creams are a hit providing sun protection, moisturisation and make-up all in the one product. “In a quick 30 second application you can apply all you need to nourish, protect and beautify your skin - making it a great go-to product for busy mums,” Kailah says. “Unlike conventional make up that contains Titanium Dioxide which has been proven to not be photo stable (it creates free radicals that attack your skin cells when it is exposed to light), MG Naturals entire range is calming, soothing & hydrating for your skin. Helping to heal & soothe your skin to reveal your best face ever. ‘Each & every one of MG Naturals products have been especially formulated to ensure that they contain no nano particles, chemicals or toxins. All products are preserved using Leucidal, a natural extract derived from radishes that have been fermented with Leuconostoc Kimchii (the lactic acid bacteria that is traditionally used to make Kimchi).”   mg-naturals-makeup-set-organic-airbrush-foundation-cream-powder-lip-glaze   Ms Shannon says the use of petro chemicals in personal care products is a growing concern. “Chemicals absorbed through the skin cause anything from contact dermatitis to more serious skin diseases,” she says. “In addition, chemicals from personal care products that are washed off are finding their way into water supplies and becoming a risk to the eco-system. “After the birth of my daughter I became acutely aware of what I used on my skin and the impact it was having on my health and the environment. I am proud I have created a line containing no titanium dioxide, nasties and petro-chemicals that rivals its commercial counterparts.” For more information visit:
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