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Laundry taps and tubs

Laundries are finally making it onto the creative dial – think colourful tiles, designer accessories and appliances of convenience that take the effort out of wash day Homeowners are being given true choice in laundry fixtures and appliances with even the humble laundry tap taking on simply stylish lines and multi-function action. Raymor has launched two new tap designs – the Barrow Loop Mixer and the Alor Sink Mixer. The Barrow is a contemporary take on the traditional goose neck with clean, fine lines and graceful, curving spout that features an extendable hose that should help make many laundry jobs easier, such as filling buckets and vases, cleaning odd shaped items and even washing the dog. Further convenience is added by way of the choice in water delivery - spray pattern or laminar stream. Reach, height and swivel are key considerations with any laundry tap and the Alor is another design that perfectly fits the brief. The Alor is a square line design with a tapered paddle lever and a height of 296mm and a spout reach of 220mm.   [caption id="attachment_4538" align="alignleft" width="690"]raymor-barrow-sink-mixer-alor-160mm-squareline-tap-steel (L) Barrow Loop Mixer; (R) Alor Sink Mixer
Image courtesy of Raymor[/caption]  

Great WELS rating

Both the Barrow and the Alor sink mixers have a 4 star WELS rating and each features a highly durable 35mm cartridge that carries a 15- year replacement warranty.  The mixers are constructed of solid brass and have a long-lasting polished chrome plated finish. An ideal partner for the Barrow and Alor is the Java laundry sink. The drop-in Java is of high grade 304 stainless steel construction measuring 600 x 500mm with a depth of 240mm and a 45 litre capacity. The Barrow, Alor and Java laundry products are part of a vast range available from Tradelink nationally.  

Washers and dryers with attitude

The team at Smeg have also been busy with a new range of appliances designed to create a resource-efficient laundry centre that offers a tailored wash programme for every type of laundry need. A large capacity 4.5 star WELS rated front-loader plus a six-star energy rated sensor-controlled heat pump dryer deliver laundry options for all fabrics, all family sizes and for all family-member needs (including those with sensitive skin or allergies, and those with busy schedules!).   [caption id="attachment_4539" align="alignleft" width="690"]raymor-laundry-room-barrow-colour-neutral-design Raymor's Barrow Sink Mixer
Image courtesy of Raymor[/caption]  

A program to suit everyone in the family

The SAWS1014 front load washing machine has a 10kg capacity and 16 programs plus auxiliary functions including prewash, quick rinse, extra rinse and memory. There are programs for delicates, hand wash, blankets, woollens and sports/outdoor, but there are also the more specialist, targeted options such as the hygienic heavy duty program that has an extended wash and extra rinsing specifically designed for babies, children and those with sensitive skin or allergies. There are also two compartments to enable the use of both powder and liquid detergents. The appliance’s automatic water control system saves water, energy and time by automatically adjusting the water level to the specific load.  The steam refresh will gently freshen and deodorise clothing in just 20 minutes, while reducing ironing time by 43 per cent, and a small load will be perfectly laundered in just 14 minutes. The SAWS1014, with its 4.5 star WELS rating, uses just 86 litres of water for a full 10kg wash. The energy-efficient direct-drive inverter motor, with a four star energy rating and a maximum spin speed of 1400rpm, is barely audible due to advanced drum-balancing technology.  Using a higher spin speed removes more water which in turn means faster drying times and lower energy consumption should an electric dryer be used. Smeg’s SAHP86 sensor controlled heat pump dryer is a star in energy efficiency.  With the maximum 6 star energy rating and an 8kg capacity, it is designed to give fast efficient drying that can be tailored to individual fabrics – therefore removing the risk of damaging or shrinking clothing.   [caption id="attachment_4540" align="alignleft" width="690"]smeg-washing-machines-laundry-design-tub-spintub (L-R) Smeg's SACD82; SAPH86; SAWS1014
Image courtesy of Smeg[/caption]  

Outstanding features

Stand-out features include auto anti-creasing (this follows the drying cycle and delivers crease-free, ready-to-go clothing); reverse drum action to again aid in the elimination of creases; a dedicated shirt programme; iron dry and cupboard dry programmes for both cottons and synthetics; a refresh cycle and a woollens programme. The appliance’s Daily Programme deserves special mention. This is a one hour program that will dry a full 4kg load of laundry in just one hour.  And when used in conjunction with the SAWS1014 washer, will wash AND dry a 4kg load in just two hours. The SAHP86 features sensor controlled drying (which provides further reassurance that your wash load is being expertly and accurately laundered) and has been tested and approved by The Woolmark Company for ‘machine wash’ labels. Both appliances feature the new Soft Drum Pattern interior that is non-abrasive and therefore far gentler on clothes and fabrics. On a more practical level, Smeg’s heat pump dryer again excels – its depth is less than that of most dryers so makes for a tidier installation when side-by-side with a front load washer.  Secondly, its heat pump technology means less condensation and moist, warm air are expelled into the laundry.
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