News - Every man needs a backyard shed
Every man needs a backyard shed

Every man needs a backyard shed

Every man needs a backyard shed – a place to hang his hat and store his home brew. But of course it’s not just men: quite a few women are using them as popular places of refuge. While building any type of construction can be daunting, if you are keen to have your own hideaway in the backyard, there are a number of do-it-yourself kits on the market that can make the task of building a shed much easier.

What type of shed?

Do-it-yourself models are the most popular. Steel, wood and vinyl sheds are widely available at home renovation centres. Such sheds can be used for multiple purposes such as gardening or storage. But there are a few basic points to consider before you start building. The first is that you may need to contact your local council to see if any special permission is required. While permission isn’t normally required, it is something that is worth checking out to avoid any future issues. Another thing to consider is the location. You should build your shed on ground that is level and has good drainage. The type of foundation required is another important consideration and this depends on the type of shed, whether it already comes with a floor or you are building your own, and what the shed will be used for. While constructing the foundation can be time-consuming and easy to skip, if constructed well it could be the difference between your shed lasting many years or just months. The placement of the shed is dependent on its purpose. If you’ll be using it for the storage of materials such as paints, you should locate it in a shady spot so it doesn’t overheat. If you plan to grow plants, you should allow for sunlight to be able to filter through at some part of the day. With do-it-yourself kits, retailers can generally offer professional installation or can refer you to a local builder. The styles for sheds come in all shapes and sizes from ones that are functional but plain to very attractive and highly-durable creations. The segments in kits such as these are all precut and some parts such as wall sections, may be preassembled. The time required to assemble such a shed depends largely on your own skills. Working with someone you may be able to do it in a matter of hours although a couple of days is more typical. Constructing a shed yourself from plans is also doable with basic carpentry skills. The plans need to be well laid out with clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions. The plans should specify the materials that need to be used and the cutting lists. But remember to take your time and make sure you complete each stage thoroughly. If your shed is going to be your refuge, you want to make sure it’s up to the task.
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