News - Create your dream home with a click

Create your dream home with a click

If you’ve ever hunted for a home, you’ll know how difficult it is to find the one. There might not be enough bedrooms, or bathrooms, or living areas. You might want a home office instead of a home theatre; a scullery instead of extra benchspace. It might be right, but not quite right. Sometimes it might feel as though the search is never-ending. Finding the perfect project home to build can be just as tricky, as anyone who’s ever built will tell you. Some builders are intractable on their floorplans and specifications; others will make changes, but at great cost.   [embed width="" height=""][/embed]  

Design your dream home

West Australian building company Momu saw the dilemma faced by many homebuyers, and came up with an online design tool that allowed their homes to be easily and affordably altered to suit a location, family or lifestyle. According to general manager Dion Warnock, Momu is able to keep the prices of their homes down by giving clients the tools to design and customise. Homebuyers can use Canvas to make structural changes, upgrade and downgrade individual features and whole areas, and add personalised touches. Real-time pricing is provided as you click, so clients can see just how much extra their changes will cost, or how much they’ll save. “Canvas includes over 200 possible changes, upgrades and inclusions for each home,” Dion says. “Everything from adding in an extra bedroom, an upgraded bath, a cat door or even a technology pack. “The benefit of Canvas is that people can customise a home in their own time, on their own terms.” Before launching Canvas, Momu undertook extensive market research to understand what previous homebuilders liked and disliked about the process of buying and building. “Many people felt that the power balance was weighted too far to the builder and they felt that they didn’t understand the process, and that pricing was not transparent,” Dion says. “Feedback was received that the sales process was not an enjoyable one, that people often felt like they were being pounced on in a display home – when all they wanted was information.” Canvas means that people looking for an affordable home can still customise to make their home their own, rather than having to stick to a standard design. “It puts a huge amount of items at the fingertips of clients – items that they often don’t know that they can add to their homes.”   [caption id="attachment_6207" align="aligncenter" width="690" class=" "]momu-carpeted-floor-bedroom-dresser-headboard-wall-panel Momu’s online design tool allows homes to be easily and affordably altered.[/caption]  

Personalise project homes

According to Dion, most people use Canvas to make a few internal changes to each home they customise. For example, they change the kitchen layout, add double doors to the theatre, or add in an extra bedroom. “Clients can then sit with a Momu sales consultant and make sure that all the little items are included just how they want,” Dion says. “A personalised brochure is then printed with the client’s home, inclusions and total cost. Even the elevation of their home is presented on the brochure that is automatically generated.” Canvas’ pre-drawn and pre-costed designs mean Momu is able to prepare contracts and working drawings very quickly. “This means the client saves time, and we are able to get started on their home in record time. While the industry standard for contracts can stretch up to 10 weeks, we generally turn them around in four weeks. This is a huge time saver for clients.” According to Dion, Canvas empowers people to make changes and enjoy the process of designing and building a home. “It can be a stressful time for some people, and Canvas removes some of the uncertainty that can surround the process and the pricing of homes.”   [embed width="" height=""][/embed]   Images courtesy of Momu
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