News - The best money advice you can find on the web
 Whether you look for financial advice online, through websites, social channels or listen to podcasts, here are some experts you should check out
Whether you look for financial advice online, through websites, social channels or listen to podcasts, here are some experts you should check out

The best money advice you can find on the web

According to a report conducted by social media management platform Hootsuite, Aussies spend an average of six hours online per day

Whether you prefer to listen, watch or read your content online, there are plenty of subject experts and platforms to help you sharpen your financial outlook, and tools to help you get ahead.


Seeking a financial guru

Canstar editor and author Effie Zahos is one of Australia’s most trusted personal finance journalists. A well-known financial commentator, Effie is regularly featured in a wide range of media. Effie talks about everything from personal finance to the property market, banking, insurance and investing in her uniquely personable and friendly style.

MoneySmart is a YouTube channel produced by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Every money, finance or business question you’ve ever had is covered in the channel’s extensive but approachable videos.

If the phrase ‘financial independence’ piques your interest, you’ll also want to check out Anthony Keane, personal finance writer for NewsCorp Australia. With more than 20 years’ experience as a writer and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Anthony focuses on investment, superannuation, retirement, debt, saving and consumer advice. Everything you need to know to set up a comfortable future.


If you prefer to listen on the go

If you caught our recent blog on podcasts, you might have joined the 20 per cent of Australians who listen to podcasts every day. Podcasts can change a commute from boring to brilliant, and upskill you during your downtime.

The Australian Finance Podcast and The Finance Burrito are great places to start for regular episodes on topics like budgeting, savings and everyday financial advice.

For trickier questions, there’s Get Invested – The Podcast by Bushy Martin.

As one of Australia’s top 10 property specialists, Bushy Martin uses his podcast to share his expert advice on property investing and the straightforward steps you can take to make your financial dreams a reality.


Be your own money master

Budgeting apps enable you to manage your money digitally and, most importantly, get a real time view of your financial position. Here are our top picks for the ones that help you cover off budgeting basics.

Pocketbook is like a personal assistant for your money, that gives you a full breakdown of your spending habits to help you make smarter daily decisions with your money. Frollo can help you track your spending or examine your upcoming expenses, so you stay in control of your finances.

If you are ready for the next step towards bigger financial commitments, such as saving for a dream holiday, Finder's app allows you to effortlessly manage your money by showing all your bank accounts, investments, superannuation funds and credit cards all in the one place, as well as view your credit score each month.


Straight to your inbox

If you struggle to find time to search for quality content, email newsletters are seeing a resurgence in popularity and it’s not hard to understand why; the most important information you need delivered right into your inbox. Here are the ones you need to subscribe to:

Yahoo Finance’s Fully Briefed – Think of this as your news for the day but with a finance focus, covering everything from finance news, market news and money trends.

If you’ve ever taken an interest in getting your personal finance in order, you’ve heard of Scott Pape. The Barefoot Investor was 2016’s best selling book, and Scott’s advice, lessons and tips on all things personal finance are now available in a free, weekly newsletter.

Your Investment Property is a resource for both those looking to get into property investing, as well as those who already have a foot in the door. This twice-weekly newsletter includes everything you need to know on market news, investment tips and hot spots.

Australia is home to no shortage of financial whizzes that you can make the most of to get ahead financially. You can also find lots of helpful content in our very own eNewsletter or Facebook page!

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