News - 6 ways to create an entry hall with style

6 ways to create an entry hall with style

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For hall and entryways to remain neat and tidy, having somewhere to drop papers, keys and mail when you first walk through the door is a great idea. Use a chair, narrow shelf, or bench, alternatively a narrow console table - all of these are perfect for where space is limited. To make shopping easy, look for a table style to suit other furniture items in your house.


Extra storage can be achieved easily by selecting a table with drawers or baskets underneath. This leaves the top free to display a potted plant, vase or lamps without appearing cluttered or messy. For added impact, hang a picture, group of pictures or mirror above the hall table. To appear balanced, make sure what you hang is in proportion to, or about the same size as the width of the table

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Knowing a few tricks of the trade can easily make small rooms appear larger, simply by effective use of colour, furniture and accessories.


The best ideas to transform dark halls and entryways quickly and effectively:

  • Decorate with light, welcoming colours to make a hallway seem as large as possible. Light colours are reflective and bright while dark colours absorb light, making this area seem smaller
  • Lamps will add life and atmosphere to dark corners but if space is too limited for a table lamp, standard lamps will work just as well
  • Candles can also be used effectively to illuminate dark corners of a hallway where there are no power sockets. Always observe candle safety, especially around children.
  • Scented candles are a good choice and create fresh welcome to the home. Tealight candles in glass votives or lanterns are affordable and effective. Pillar candles can be stood in glass vases to prevent the flame from extinguishing in strong draughts
  • For instant brightness, light globes in over-head fittings can be quickly replaced with higher wattage bulbs. Dusty shades also restrict light so be sure to clean them on a regular basis
  • Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space, filled with light as well as being practical for checking an outfit before leaving the house. Hanging or standing one large mirror, or grouping together smaller mirrors will have far more impact than hanging one small mirror on its own.

Create a strong first impression for you and your visitors by minimising clutter as much as possible around door and entry ways to your home. These areas are prone to become dumping grounds for shoes, hats and bags so finding practical storage solutions will help keep things looking good.


Storage solutions

Consider the type of storage solutions you need based on which items commonly accumulate. Hooks, shelves, drawers and boxes are all effective and can easily be purchased either new, second hand, or may be borrowed from other rooms in the home - a simple re-vamp may be all that is needed for a fresh new look. If shopping for new storage ideas, look out for items, which are not only practical, but will also look good and co-ordinate with your other decor. One example of great storage for the entry way is this hamper, which would suit many decorating styles while neatly hiding away piles of shoes, hats, toys and clutter.

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