News - 10 water saving tips for your garden

10 water saving tips for your garden

Your garden can be one of the biggest water guzzlers on your property. To put it into perspective, of all the available water on earth, less than a paltry one per cent is available for consumption by humans, animals and plants. As the population grows, more pressure is placed on this invaluable resource, so anything you can do to help in your own patch, will benefit everyone. There are lots of ways to be water smart and once set up properly, a water efficient garden will require minimal attention.  

10 top tips to help save water in your garden:

  1. Water in the morning or the evening to avoid evaporation
  2. Only water your lawn when it needs it. If it springs back after walking on it, it doesn’t require watering
  3. Mulch your garden regularly to lock in moisture and reduce water run-off
  4. Before planting, prepare the soil with water crystals like Scotts Every Drop. These clever wetting agents and water storing crystals help water to penetrate down to the root zone where plants most need water and nutrients
  5. Soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems are your friend and will save valuable time and water
  [caption id="attachment_6636" align="alignnone" width="690"]smart-watermark-dripline-tube-water-irrigation A drip irrigation system is best installed directly under mulch and is considered the most water efficient method of irrigation currently on the market today.[/caption]  
  1. Use compost to improve your soil
  2. Check the weather forecast before watering your garden. Allow Mother Nature to assist wherever possible
  3. Group plants with similar watering needs together. Check out this plant selector to find the right plants for your garden
  4. Plant native Australian plants that have evolved to require little or no water beyond what nature provides. Ask your local council if it has a list of plants species endemic to your local area
  5. Don’t waste water with dripping taps and holes in your hose. Fix them now! To check for leaks, turn off every tap and water connected appliance in the house, then read your water meter. Wait four hours, then read again. If there is any change, then you have a leak
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