News - How to repurpose unused areas in the backyard

How to repurpose unused areas in the backyard

Make the most of the backyard by transforming forgotten areas into useful spaces. Build a veggie garden in an unused corner, convert the soggy side of your home into a beautiful feature path, or bring the family together by transforming a bland backyard with a lively fire pit. There are many simple and quick fixes that any homeowner can implement to turn a forgotten backyard area into a space worth spending time in. “It’s a waste to leave side gardens and backyard corners sitting gathering weeds – you paid good money for your land and there are clever ways to ensure you use all of it,” says Adbri Masonry brand ambassador and expert landscaper, Jason Hodges. “Areas in the backyard that are underutilised, eye sores or those that haven’t been maintained present the opportunity to create spaces that can be used for relaxing or entertaining with friends.”   adbri-masonry-side-yard-pathway-side-passage-garden  

Side yard pathway

There is a shady side to every house. Typically these areas receive very little sunlight and are prone to dampness. This inhibits grass from growing and means the area can turn into a mud pit every time it rains. A feature stepping stone path will not only inject aesthetic appeal but it will also ensure muddy laundries are a thing of the past. This is a great project for DIY’ers and I recommend using large format pavers to get the designer look. For added ‘wow’ factor, lay the pavers offset in a stretcher bond pattern and fill the voids with decorative stones or greenery.   adbri-masonry-fire-pit-outdoor-bonfire  

Fire Pit

Backyard fire pits are a great way to bring family and friends together to keep warm outside during the colder months. Once built, fire pits serve as an immediate feature and gathering point for your entertaining evenings. For year round functionality, use dry stack blocks like Allan Block Courtyard which are not glued together meaning they are mobile and can be easily constructed and deconstructed as the season calls for. Or when the weather heats up, fill your fire pit with soil and start a veggie garden. These projects are so versatile.  

Herb and vegetable gardens

Outdoor spaces often have large walls or lengths of the boundary fence that are barren and in desperate need of enlivening. Raised garden beds in front of a fence or in the corner of a yard will create dimension and can be achieved using retaining wall blocks like Natural Impressions. Vertical gardens are also a great way to cover up large wall areas and living green walls, and are a trend that’s here to stay.  

Water Feature

Water features are a simple way to make the most of unused areas. There are so many different designs and options that are perfect for small or large gardens areas, so pick a style that complements your garden. A water feature adds movement and a calming sound to your yard, and is the perfect finish to creating an outdoor retreat. Ponds are a low maintenance feature that can serve as a natural decoration and blend in nicely with garden foliage. For a smaller space opt for a birdbath, small classic fountain, or a serene Asian-inspired water feature. The options are endless. Images courtesy of Adbri Masonry For more information on backyard DIY projects, visit
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