News - How to clean your window frames in a flash

How to clean your window frames in a flash

Taking the time and care to give your window frames a decent clean can be something many of us don’t often get around to. But giving your frames a bit of love and attention every so often can really make a big difference to your home’s exterior – and may be an easier job than you think! Let’s talk materials. All window frames are not created equal, so differences in frame materials naturally has a big impact on the best and most effective cleaning methods. Whether they’re made of wood, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at how to clean your window frames properly, regardless of the material they are made of.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="690"]timber-wood-window-wall-home-flowers Avoid using industrial solvents when cleaning wooden frames to avoid damaging the paint.[/caption]

Cleaning wooden window frames 

Although an old favourite, wood isn’t as effective or durable a material as you might think. As it ages, wood often cracks and is more predisposed to mildew than other materials, making cleaning a bit more of a challenge! But don’t panic – if your wooden frames are in need of a clean, all is far from lost. Here are some simple steps to follow to give them a good spruce:
  1. Wipe the dust off with a clean, soft cloth or a brush
  1. Wipe the frames with a cloth soaked in warm water
  1. Remove the excess water with a dry cloth
Where paint has started to come off, remove it completely and then re-paint and re-oil the frames. Mould and mildew stains can be easily removed with the help of some diluted vinegar. Don’t reach for industrial solvents to tackle mould, as you may damage the wood itself! Diluted vinegar is a gentler approach: just soak the effected parts of the frame, and leave for some time giving the vinegar a chance to work its magic. Afterwards, clean the frames as we mentioned above. [caption id="attachment_9698" align="alignnone" width="690"]vinyl-design-window-home-flowers-wall Laundry detergent is ideal for cleaning vinyl window frames as they’re generally free from harsh chemicals.[/caption]

Cleaning vinyl window frames

Easiest of all, vinyl window frames can be cleaned simply and quickly with just a bucket of warm water (or a smaller quantity if there are not that many windows) mixed with some soap. Try to avoid using dish soaps, as they are more abrasive and can harm the vinyl. Ammonia-based products should also be avoided. Laundry detergent or basic hand soaps should do the trick as they are free from the harsher chemicals found in some cleaning products. Before you wash the frames, wipe them clean with a microfibre towel. You can also vacuum clean them if your cleaner has a soft, tiny brush. As soon as you’re done, wipe the excess solution away with a clean, soft cloth. Don’t use paper towels or sponges that could scratch the vinyl.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="690"]aluminum-home-windows-interior Aluminium window frames can be cleaned perfectly with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda.[/caption]

Cleaning aluminum window frames

A handy household mix will be a big help here. Aluminium window frames can be cleaned perfectly with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Squeeze a lemon and mix the juice with less than half of a cup of baking soda – easy! First, wipe the frames with water and/or a cleaning solution, then apply your DIY cleanser and rinse the frames. On the outside, you can splash the frames with a hose then repeat the same steps. Don’t forget to wipe the frames with a dry cloth once you’re finished with these steps. Too much water isn’t good for any frame, no matter what it’s made of.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="690"]fiberglass-design-window-living-room-home-interior Fibreglass window frames never need re-painting and don’t require oiling or much upkeep.[/caption]

Cleaning fibreglass window frames

Fibreglass window frames are certainly becoming more and more popular, and a big reason for this is their minimal maintenance requirements. They’ll never need re-painting and don’t require oiling or much upkeep. They don’t even need to be wiped as often as the ones above do! This of course makes cleaning a breeze. There are only two tiny steps to bear in mind when cleaning your fiberglass window frames:
  1. Take a cloth and remove the dirt and the debris that might be stuck to the frames. If the windows are large, you can use a broom, being careful not to apply too much pressure, because you risk scratching the surface
  1. Get a soft piece of cloth and pour some cleaning solution on it. You don’t need to rub the frames, just wipe them in a few quick motions. You can also use a simple mix of warm water and soap to wipe them
In many respects, cleaning fibreglass window frames is really no different at all from cleaning frames made of other materials. The only real difference is you’ll be able to do so a lot quicker, with minimal effort.

Final thoughts

It’s a great idea to take care of your window frames and give them a good clean every now and again. But the process should never take up too much of your time – or energy! With the help of these tips, you should get the job done in less than half an hour and notice a real difference inside (and outside) your home!
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