News - The grass is always greener – when it’s an artwork

The grass is always greener – when it’s an artwork

Think artificial grass, and images of a maintenance-free lawn spring immediately to mind. But there’s so much more to this synthetic marvel than never pushing a mower around again. There are many ways in which fake turf can add a splash of green in and outside the house – all you have to do is get creative. Best of all, many artificial turf suppliers state on their websites that they’re happy to sell offcuts.  

1.   On the wall

If you want to get really creative, go all out. Make an indoor garden by lining the walls, floors, or ceilings to really create that green feel. If that’s too much, design a mural with the grass sectioned along one wall. Or simply accent the room with patches of turf on the ceiling fan blades, lampshades, covering a chair, or as a background for a water feature.


2.   Pamper your pets

Do you have a rabbit, dog, parrot, or snake? Any pet would love to have artificial lawn to cushion their house, line their walls or roll around on under the verandah when it’s too wet to go outside.

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3.   Backyard golf

Just because there’s no time to get to the course, doesn’t mean you can’t get in some putting practice at home. You could set up a private putting area in the backyard, the garage or even the rumpus room. Just set up a patch of lawn and measure out a hole and you’re set to tee off.

Even more fun, keep the littlies (and even yourself) amused by turning part of the yard into a mini-golf course complete with its own fantasy themes.


4.   Hobby heaven

If you’re making a model railway or village, then artificial grass is great for giving your landscaping that extra bit of authentic detail as you create mountains, farms and tiny village gardens. It’s also a wonderful way to add a back or front yard to a dollhouse. On a larger scale, it can even create maintenance-free soft fall yard outside the kids' cubby house, slide or swing set.

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5.   In the gym or by the pool

Speaking of exercise… If you love exercising outside but the weather is giving you grief, artificial grass is great for gym and exercise areas. Or connect with nature (sort of) with a fake grass yoga mat.

Faux grass is also ideal for pool surrounds, leaving you more time to relax with family and friends instead of spending your weekend's mowing, weeding, watering or fertilising. Oh, and they're often UV protected and extremely durable.


6.   The man cave and beyond

Men may like to complain about mowing the grass, but they probably won’t grumble if there’s some fake turf on their turf – i.e. the man cave. Faux grass is great for everything in the blokes’ domain from a floor mat to a bar runner, chair covers to a special place to park the “mistress”.

When they have to leave the man cave for work, they can keep their beloved ute tray clean and green with a fake grass liner that will also create a non-slip surface for tools and equipment.

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7.   Crafty creations

Put the art back into artificial grass by getting crafty. Think about placemats or the outdoor table (not to mention table runners and coasters), house numbers, toilet mats, wall hangings and fancy dress costumes.


8.   Kids’ bedrooms

Decorating kids’ bedrooms is a trip into fantasy land – and with artificial grass you can create anything from a soccer or footy field to a jungle or fairyland.

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