News - The dos and don’ts of renting with pets

The dos and don’ts of renting with pets

Pet ownership is an important part of Australian life. However, today many pet owners still struggle with finding suitable rental accommodation to suit their entire family, including the furry or feathered kind. “It’s a continuing problem that many pet owners face on a daily basis,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “Finding rental accommodation that welcomes pets is no easy task.” recently announced that it had reached the 50,000 mark of renters who have pet resumes attached to their applications to bolster their chances of securing a property. Around one third of renters choosing to attach the profile for their furry friend to their renter resume and applications. “This is a great way to showcase your pet and really express that you own a good pet and are a responsible pet owner,” Nadia explains. “These numbers just highlight the huge demand for pet owners looking for homes.” “There are now 50,000 Pet Resumes and 187,000 Renter Resumes on – a terrific milestone to hit,” said RENT CEO Greg Bader. “The ability to move into a rental property with your pet is an issue that hits close to home for our renters,” he said. Pet Insurance Australia urges Australians looking for accommodation to consider adding a pet resume rather than lie about the pet living in the home. “Sadly, many renters do hide the fact that they have a pet on the premises,” Nadia says. “This can cause a huge amount of continual stress and fear that the landowner will discover the pet. By showcasing your pet, you can highlight the benefits of having a pet in the home and also express why your pet is a stand-out.” Many listings simply do not specify if they are pet friendly or not, so it’s always a good idea to ask.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="690"]young-woman-sleeping-bed-pet-cat-next-her References from your vet or former pet friendly landlord can be helpful when applying for a new rental property.[/caption]

Tips for renters

  • Have a pet resume for your pet and attach this to all applications
  • Be honest
  • Ensure your dog is well trained and up-to-scratch with his/her doggy manners
  • Ensure your cat is housetrained and has no litter box woes
  • Contact your local real estate agent and ask them to contact you if pet accommodation becomes available in the area you wish to move to
  • Be prepared to offer a little extra in rent, or bond
  • Have references on hand. This could be your dog trainer, vet or previous pet accommodation

Tips for landlords

  • Consider the benefits for having a pet on the property including extra security as people with pets are more likely to be long-term renters
  • Ask for referrals
  • Talk to other landlords who allow pets
  • Consider each application case-by-case
  • Don’t be put off by horror stories, chat to real estate agents about pet-friendly rentals and get the real picture
  • Ask for information on the pet’s history, training and behaviour
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