News - DIY projects to increase the value of your property

DIY projects to increase the value of your property

Five DIY ways to boost your home’s street appeal

It’s a persistent saying for a reason – first impressions really do count. This is relevant not only to how your present yourself to others, but to your home too. The front part of your home can be seen by anyone walking down the street, but is also viewed on a regular basis by your neighbours and others that frequent your local area. Why wouldn’t you show these people the best possible version of your home? This is especially important if you are looking at selling your property soon, because in most cases a property listing will include a photo of the front of the home. A poorly maintained front yard can send a message to potential buyers that the house may need a lot of work, which may instantly put them offside before they even get inside. This is because we tend to assume that if the owners don’t take care of the exterior of their home, they are unlikely to have taken good care of the inside either. So don’t let a neglected yard bring down your home’s street appeal! Here’s five ways you can boost it:   door-paint-paintbrush-diy-repair  

Paint job

If you can afford to fork out the cash to put a fresh coat of paint on the whole house, it’s definitely a relatively quick way to up the aesthetics of your home. Even just painting the front door can make a huge difference in the first impression your home gives off. Bright colours are a bold choice but can be a gamble worth taking to spruce up your home’s exterior!   television-tv-repair-broken-damage-measure  

Fix it up

Is there anything around your front yard or on the outer walls of your home that needs fixing up? Think along the lines of a cracked driveway, broken door or window frames, shabby furniture, or the verandah timber looking tired and faded. These are the little things that give off signals to people about whether the home is being taken care of or not.   lawn-grass-green-thumb-gardener  

Water it

A healthy, green lawn is crucial to your home’s image – overgrown, dying grass spotted with weeds is never a good look and will hardly give off good vibes. So give your lawn some TLC by killing or pulling out weeds, mowing it, watering it and even feeding it if you have some appropriate feed handy. While you’re working on the lawn, splash some water in the direction of your other plants too - even though Australian plants tend to cope fine with only a little water, they would probably perk up a bit after some extra water.   home-balcony-outdoor-seat-rocking-chair  

All in the detail

When taking in a new place for the first time, we soak in all the little details that set it apart from other places we have been. So think about how you could make your home unique with small touches - nice house numbers, verandah furniture and lighting (the furniture is particularly key if you are selling the property, as it helps the buyers visualise themselves relaxing in the space) or a nice new door knob or knocker. Planting a sweet-smelling flowering plant near your front door or somewhere along the front pathway can be the small detail that secures a buyer, or gives your visitors warm fuzzy feelings.   garden-flowers-plants-lawn-windmill-spring  

Freshen up the landscaping

If you have the funds, or particularly handy family member, a bit of landscaping work never goes astray. It can make a huge difference to the structural appearance of your front yard, especially if you incorporate neat pathways around the side of the house, fencing to camouflage things like water tanks, a low stone wall around the garden, or built in concrete planters. For a full overhaul, purchase some new shrubs or small trees, and finish off the look with a fresh load of bark. Keep the garden design simple and neat for an uncluttered look.  
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