Questions and Answers

What are the brand changes?

The proposed changes are for both the RESIMAC and Homeloans brands to be merged into a single brand that carries the name Resimac, from 3 December 2018. The parent company (Homeloans Ltd) is to be renamed as Resimac Group Ltd, which requires approval by a shareholder vote.

Why is the brand change occurring?

We are unifying our business under one main corporate brand, rather than continuing to operate two separate brands as we have done for the past two years. We considered each of our existing names as well as new brand options. It was identified that as a strong respected brand among investors and the market the most powerful brand to take us forward was Resimac.

When does the change occur?

The brand change becomes effective from 3 December 2018.

Will my BDM still be the same?

Yes. The brand change does not impact on who your BDM is.

Does this impact my relationship with Homeloans/RESIMAC?

No. You will continue to deal with the same team within our business. We are supporting this launch with significant investment in operational efficiencies, but your relationship with us does not change.

Does the way I deal with Homeloans / RESIMAC change?

No, not in the short term. As a separate project we are working on some process enhancements that a single brand delivers, however the change in brand does not impact how you deal with us.

Will phone numbers change?

No, you’ll still be able to reach us how you always have.

Where do I access Resimac product information?

Product information will be available at new broker website, BrokerZone, launching 3 December 2018. Visit

Will phone numbers change?

No, you’ll still be able to reach us how you always have.

Will my customers be impacted?

If your customers have loans currently funded by RESIMAC (whether under Homeloans or RESIMAC branding), they will change to the new Resimac brand. We are working with our wholesale funding partners on the transition to this new brand in regards to our customers with loans funded by these partners.

Will my customers be advised?

Yes, we will write to all Homeloans customers by email on 24 October, and once changes are finalised and set to be implemented we will write to all Homeloans and RESIMAC customers by mail (November/December).

How will customers make contact with Resimac?

Customers can still make contact via the same phone numbers that they do today – that is 1300 764 447 for those currently on a RESIMAC loan and 13 38 39 for those currently on a Homeloans loan.

Can I still email my BDM or other staff at their email address

Yes, but any emails from your BDM will be from their address

I have a Homeloans or RESIMAC logo on my website. Do I need to change it?

Yes. We will provide you with the new Resimac logo for use on your website, to replace any existing Homeloans or RESIMAC logos

Will the existing Homeloans and RESIMAC products change?

No. Our suite of RESIMAC funded products and our wide range of solutions from our wholesale funding sources will continue to be available.