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Home Loan FAQs

View our comprehensive list of answers to some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have a question of your own that is not covered, please contact us.

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Application Process

There are several important steps in the Homeloans process from your initial loan application through to settlement.

View our brief overview of the application process.

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Debt Consolidation

By consolidating your debts you may be able to reduce the amount you pay each month in repayments.

Compare two example scenarios to see how consolidating your debts might work for you.

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Refinancers’ Guide

Are you looking for a new loan with a better rate and more features? Would you like to consolidate all of your debts into one easy to manage repayment?

Our refinacers guide will help you through the refinancing process.

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Investors’ Guide

When you are buying an investment property it’s best to think with your head and not with your heart. Read our investors’ guide and find our how to maximise your returns.

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Property Buyers’ Guide

There are several important things to consider when you are buying a house; it will be one of your biggest investments so make sure there are no surprises when you move in.

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Obtaining Finance

Information on how applications for credit are assessed, giving you a greater understanding of how you can get into a position to have your next application approved.

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Moving House

If you’re moving house, Homeloans can assist thanks to our partnership with Movinghub. Whether you just need your utilities connected or you’d like a complete moving solution, no problem!

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Glossary of Terms

From LVR to negative gearing, offset loans and bridging finance. Our glossary of home loan terms will help fight through the jargon, giving you a better understanding of your new loan and the processes involved.

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Free Home Buyers Guide

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting and daunting times in your life, and whether you’re deciding to buy with your partner, or by yourself, Homeloans will be there to help you every step of the way.

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