From 3 December 2018, Homeloans will begin to be known as Resimac

Following on from our 2016 merger, Homeloans and RESIMAC Ltd will soon share the same name, Resimac.

From 3 December 2018, customer correspondence and our social media channels will begin to be updated to reflect our new name, Resimac. The Homeloans website will remain active for the next 6 months, however, you will be encouraged to go to our new site,

For our existing customers, the name change will not impact your loan in anyway. The lender of record and all other details relating to existing customers loans will remain unchanged.

We’re also very pleased to share that there will be no change to our Customer Benefits Program – it will remain the same, too.

Other than the change of name and brand, please be assured that it is business as usual. Current customers and those looking to learn more about our new name and branding can email their questions to

How does this affect loans?

The change of brand and name from Homeloans to Resimac will not in any way impact your loan.
The Lender of Record and all other details of your loan remain unchanged as a result of this. You will also continue to be entitled to the Customer Benefits Program.

RESIMAC-funded loans:

From December 2018 your loan and associated collateral will commence being rebranded to Resimac.

Other wholesale funded-loans

We will now work with the wholesale funding partner who finances and facilitates your loan to determine the nature and timing of any brand changes that will be applied to your loan statements, online account access and other collateral. Any such changes may take up to six months to fully take effect, but we will update you in due course on our progress.

Contacting Us

You will continue to be able to reach our Customer Care team by phoning 13 38 39 or by visiting our website. From December 2018 our website is changing to


For some questions and answers regarding this change, please click here. Please email any further questions to