News - Sell your house with a virtual assistant

Sell your house with a virtual assistant

Selling your home with the help of a virtual assistant may make the difference between making a sale, and having to open your home again next weekend. Here are a few clever ways voice-activated assistants Google Home and Amazon Alexa could help you sell your home.

Inviting music to welcome buyers

Some real estate agents recommend baking cookies to entice potential buyers, but voice-activated music is even better. When your agent collects contact details at the door, they can ask each guest their favourite band or album. As the agent shows them through each room, they can say a casual ‘Ok Google, play Foo Fighters.’ Looking around an unfamiliar house becomes a welcoming, familiar experience for your potential buyers. They’ll find it hard not to crack a smile when their favourite song comes on!   [embed][/embed]  

Creating a cohesive open-home strategy

Wandering through an open home can be an awkward experience, but a virtual assistant can help create a welcoming, warm environment. As you walk into each room, make those browsing through your home feel at ease with themes if personalised music is too difficult to coordinate. Turn on themed music in each room, from background jazz in the lounge, to relaxing tunes in the bedroom, to party beats on the patio.

Effortless exhibition of heating and cooling

Being comfortable in the peak of summer and the dead of winter are important considerations when buying a house. Every home buyer will want to see the heating and cooling options inside a potential home, but fumbling with a remote isn’t a professional look for an estate agent. Instead, ask your virtual assistant to show off the heating and cooling system with a blasé ‘Alexa, turn on the heater.’ Not only will potential home buyers be thrilled by the facilities in your home, they’ll be wowed by the integration of smart technology.   [embed][/embed]

Smart technology is what buyers want

Smart technologies are only beginning to gain popularity, leaving much room for expansion and development. By integrating smart technologies into your home, you’re one step ahead of the curve when it comes to adding value to your home. For many potential home buyers who haven’t considered the impressive abilities of virtual assistants in a home, they’ll be thrilled by the value added by the smart technology.

Add personality to your home with voice-activation

Families and couples love voice-activated systems due to the convenience and ease, plus the ability to customise your home experience. Those living alone love the interaction with voice-activated technologies, and your potential home buyers will too. As you show off your kitchen cabinets, add a bit of personality to the room by asking your virtual assistant about the weather, and the traffic for the drive home to inform your potential buyers. As the voice pipes up, you’ll spark some laughs, conversation and familiarity with potential buyers, adding a unique personal quality to your open home offering. Those embracing smart technologies such as virtual assistants are ahead of the curve, and you can be too by utilising them during your open homes. Use clever tricks like noting a potential home buyer’s favourite music, then requesting it as you enter a room. You’ll bring a smile to their face, and help bridge the gap between empty house, and potential home.
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