News - What to expect in a renovation rumble

What to expect in a renovation rumble

Renovation work can test you in more than one way – it challenges your decision-making skills, your ability to compromise and negotiate, and can at times push the limits of your patience. As trying as it can be at times, renovation work is definitely worth it in the end, with the result being a new and improved home for you and your family. After all is said and done (or should I say knocked down and rebuilt), the time spent renovating will become a faint, and hopefully, amusing memory.   Anyone who has renovated before can most likely relate to the following conundrums:

Living in a complete shambles

Where’s the pet food? And what happened to the big salad bowl? Can’t find the spare bedding, or all those old DVDs and board games. Oh and don’t forget all the kitchen appliances sitting in the hallway. This is something that just has to be dealt with if you want the end result of your renovation. There will be mess, there will be dust, walls missing, and items will end up in random places around the house. But never fear, you only have to grin and bear it for a short term before order is restored in your fresh new home.   large-leather-sofa-bunch-different-things  

Getting sick of looking at materials, appliances and colours

This is especially true if you are taking on a full house renovation, or of a major area like the kitchen, bathroom or living space. There are so many decisions to be made, and when you have to look at and discuss all the options with a partner, it can be very time-consuming. You may spend most of your weekends at kitchen and bathroom showrooms, hardware stores, garden centres, or even Ikea. These things can be fun and exciting in the beginning, but soon lose their sparkle after the third or fourth weekend in a row spent investigating the options. You could even make some decisions without really caring, just because you are getting sick of looking at all the choices – which may haunt you for the next ten years in the form of a questionable paint colour or tile choice.   woman-choosing-color-wall-swatches-blue-room  

Feeling like the tradesmen have become a part of the family

This can be both a good thing and a bad thing - if the renovation work lasts for a few months, perhaps you will even find lifelong friends in those that are crafting your dream home. However, it can also mean extra mouths to feed at times, and another presence (or three) to deal with when you are half asleep and trying to navigate a house full of weekday morning chaos. Definitely be prepared for tradies to be walking in and out of your home in the early hours of the morning, catching you in your pyjamas or various states of undress, or even sitting on the toilet. If it’s an option, temporarily renting another living space could be the answer to your prayers for privacy and peace.
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