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Homeloans Ltd was established in 1985 and has been ASX listed since 2001. We acquire our funds from a number of sources, as outlined below.

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Adelaide Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (BEN), the merged entity formed in 2007, which ranks in the top six banks in Australia.

BEN has over 1.4 million customers in Australia, excluding those through the bank’s third party distribution channel. Over 80% of funding requirements are via retail deposits, which provides a sound and low risk funding platform.

Adelaide Bank manufactures and processes residential home loans, which are distributed by Homeloans as a key business partner.

Adelaide Bank is dedicated to ensuring their products and services remain in a preferred competitive position. They aim to manage and launch product and service innovations and refresh their operating environment to ensure they remain a low cost provider of funds.


Advantedge, is a wholly owned subsidiary within the National Australia Bank Group. Advantedge operates as a wholesale loan servicer independent from National Australia Bank Limited’s residential lending business.

Independent Mortgage Managers across Australia are accredited to offer a comprehensive range of residential mortgage products funded under Advantedge’s loan program.

Advantedge’s role as a wholesale loan servicer occurs primarily behind the scenes and includes managing credit analysis on applications, setting ongoing variable interest rates, providing loan administration services (such as producing statements), providing system infrastructure (such as internet access) and arranging loan funds.

Advantedge’s size and scale frees Mortgage Managers to do what they do best: arrange flexible, competitively-priced loans and provide a level of personalised service that’s second to none.

Advantedge is proud to be a major participant within the mortgage industry, having assisted Australian home-owners and small businesses over the last two decades.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Pepper Group Limited (‘Pepper’) is a unique, diversified, global financial services provider.

Pepper have specialist experience in the core disciplines of Lending, Advisory and Asset Management across the residential and commercial property sectors – as well as consumer, auto and equipment finance.

Its flexibility, personal approach and a rare ability to look beyond conventional frameworks, have seen Pepper become a leader in alternative solutions.


RESIMAC is a wholesale funder, originator and servicer of assets, primarily residential mortgages.

RESIMAC is a pioneer of Australian Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), RESIMAC’S first issue as FANMAC was in 1988. Australian owned with headquarters in Sydney’s CBD, RESIMAC is supported by key strategic partners including Perpetual Trustees, National Australia Bank, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The RESIMAC team maintains a prudent and disciplined approach to risk and underwriting, product design and compliance. Understanding the needs of our customers and originators is central to all strategic decisions made by both our Executive Management and Board

In an ever changing and increasingly complex global business environment, RESIMAC continues to invest in our people, distribution partners and our technology to deliver quality processes, ensuring both RESIMAC and its Partners move forward with strength, open to these new world opportunities.

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