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Our experienced Business Development Manager (BDM) and Relationship Manager team provides support that is second to none in the industry. They take ownership of submissions throughout the application process, enabling you to focus on more important things.

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Rodney Cottam, BDM

Rodney CottamRegional Sales Manager
Third Party Sales – NSW, QLD, ACT

Rodney has been in sales within the finance industry since 2004, with experience in Funds Management, lending, mortgage management and real estate.

Having spent five years in the Australian Army, Rodney believes in being structured and highly organised. This assists him achieving his priorities of offering exceptional service and providing solutions to brokers and their clients.

Mobile0438 935 030
Email: rodney.cottam@homeloans.com.au

Lili Amphone, BDM

Lili AmphoneNSW & ACT
Business Development Manager

Lili Amphone has been working in the finance industry for more than 12 years, as a mortgage broker and Business Development Manager. During which time she has been recognized as a finalist for the Best Non-Bank BDM in 2016 & 2017 at the Australian Mortgage Awards. She is known for her lending knowledge, structured skill set and personable nature. In addition to her professional achievements Lili is very passionate about providing the over and above experience for all related parties and working with them to achieve their goals to suit their needs.

Mobile0408 949 893
Email: lili.amphone@homeloans.com.au
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Rebecca Harvey, RM

Rebecca HarveyNSW & ACT
Relationship Manager

Rebecca joined the team at Homeloans in March 2017 as a Sales Support Officer. Prior to joining Homeloans, she worked at a mortgage broking firm qualifying clients and booking appointments for brokers.

Throughout Rebecca’s role within Sales Support she has gained a sound knowledge and understanding of Homeloans products and policies. Rebecca is enthusiastic and passionate about providing exceptional service to our business partners and providing the right solutions for her clients.

Mobile0437 652 524
Email: rebecca.harvey@homeloans.com.au

Tim Lemon, BDM

Tim LemonNSW
Business Development Manager

Tim Lemon has been in the home finance industry since 2004, and joined Homeloans via its merger with RESIMAC where he has been employed since 2015. Tim has held a range of Sales and Credit roles within banks and non-bank lenders, making him perfectly placed to meet the needs of his broker clients with Homeloans’ broad product range.

With Tim’s extensive knowledge of credit he is best suited to help you with your complex loan scenarios.

Mobile0447 600 237
Email: tim.lemon@homeloans.com.au

Leon Stern, BDM

Leon SternNSW & ACT
Business Development Manager

Leon has been in the mortgage industry since 1980. He has been a BDM for the majority of those years and understands what a business partner needs to grow their business. He has an extensive knowledge of the prime and non-conforming markets enabling him to find solutions for borrower and broker needs.

Leon’s success has been built on working closely with his business partners and providing them with exceptional levels of customer service.

Mobile: 0431 470 736
Email: leon.stern@homeloans.com.au

Alastair McCosh, BDM

Alastair McCoshQLD
Business Development Manager

Alastair has been in banking and finance since 1990 and joined RESIMAC in 2016 prior to its merger with Homeloans. He has worked in a broad range of different roles in the industry, from bank branch manager to commercial banking and from operations to business development.

Alastair’s success as BDM is driven by his ability to add value through solution-based selling. His greatest satisfaction in the workplace is helping his clients grow their businesses.

Mobile0437 001 111
Email: alastair.mccosh@homeloans.com.au

Janelle Packman, BDM

Janelle PackmanQLD
Business Development Manager

Janelle joined the Homeloans Team in April 2014 and has been in the finance industry since 1998. Her experience is primarily in credit roles and has held DLA with many of our current funding partners. She has also been a mortgage broker herself for over five years and has a good understanding of what the broker’s require.

Janelle is passionate about being able to offer solutions to her brokers and likes to think outside the square. She strives to be the best she can be and is keen to build strong ongoing relationships with her brokers and business partners alike.

Phone: 07 3511 4707
Mobile: 0437 055 298
Email: janelle.packman@homeloans.com.au

Steve Wallace, BDM

Steve WallaceRegional Sales Manager
Third Party Sales – VIC, SA, WA, TAS, NT

Steve commenced in the finance industry in 1985 before joining Homeloans in 2001 when the Adelaide office was being initially set up. He has seen the business grow from a new player in the market to one which is a recognised and respected player in the Adelaide broker space. His previous experience includes recruitment, branch management, regional sales and service management, mobile lending and small business priority banking at Westpac and AGC.

Phone: 08 8418 5803
Mobile: 0412 821 471
Email: steve.wallace@homeloans.com.au

Therese Cameron, RM

Therese CameronVIC & TAS
Business Development Manager

Therese joined the Homeloans Team in March 2013 and has been in the finance industry in both Australia and New Zealand since 2009. As an Accredited Mortgage Broker and employee representative of Homeloans, Therese achieved outstanding sales results and became extremely well versed with Homeloans’ product range, before joining the 3rd party sales team in 2016.

Therese is passionate about always providing the best service possible and building lasting relationships. She takes a personal interest in every deal and will go out of her way to ensure that the client and broker needs are met.

Mobile0431 478 870
Email: therese.cameron@homeloans.com.au

Andrew Crossley, BDM

Andrew CrossleyVIC & TAS
Business Development Manager

Andrew is a highly qualified and educated individual with 20 years international and national experience in wealth management and relationship management. Andrew endeavours to manage his clients’ expectations and provide a viable solution to their needs. Andrew has been with Homeloans since 2009 and is a valued senior member of our relationship management team. He has also been recognised with these accolades:

  • 2017 Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) National BDM, Winner
  • 2017 MFAA Victoria/Tasmania BDM, WINNER

Phone: 03 9862 5389
Mobile: 0431 471 628
Email: andrew.crossley@homeloans.com.au

Alison Johns, BDM

Alison JohnsWA
Business Development Manager

Alison Johns is a Business Development Manager, having joined the Homeloans team in June 2012. She is responsible for the ongoing development of our relationships with our business partners , as well as introducing new business to our organisation.

Having started out in the industry in 1992, Alison has extensive experience in personal and home lending, predominantly in business development roles.

Alison is passionate about providing exceptional service to our business partners, and to work with them to help their customers find a finance solution to suit their needs.

Phone: 08 9261 7165
Mobile: 0434 358 329
Email: alison.johns@homeloans.com.au

Mark Lai, RM

Mark LaiWA & QLD
Relationship Manager

Mark has a range of mortgage industry experience having performed roles in lending, operations and credit within the major bank and non-bank sectors, and he also has experience as a financial adviser. Mark’s thorough understanding of Homeloans’ products and specific expertise in Specialist and Alt Doc lending enable him to workshop deals with his brokers to achieve the best outcomes for their clients.

Mark is young, enthusiastic and tech savvy, and he thrives on making a difference to his brokers’ businesses.

Mobile0419 919 719
Email: mark.lai@homeloans.com.au

Marcell Midolo, BDM

Marcell MidoloVIC
Business Development Manager

Marcell joined the Homeloans 3rd Party Sales team in September 2017. His experience spans over 15 years, including credit and sales at mortgage managers, as well as a stint at one of Australia’s largest aggregators. His passion is with building relationships with brokers, and enjoys the “solution-finding” aspect to the scenarios, trying to make every deal work and helping the broker along the way in getting that deal across the line.

Mobile0438 362 874
Email: marcell.midolo@homeloans.com.au

Jenny Nguyen, RM

Jenny NguyenVIC & TAS
Relationship Manager

Jenny joined Homeloans in April 2016 as a Sales Support Officer. Prior to joining Homeloans, she also worked as a Loan Processor in the finance industry.

She has a very good understanding of all loan processes and is a strong believer in being organized and doing things right the first time.

She is passionate in finding the right solutions, helping her clients achieve positive outcomes and fostering a long term business partnership.

Mobile: 0499 144 799
Email: jenny.nguyen@homeloans.com.au

Jo Oliver, BDM

Jo OliverSA & NT
Business Development Manager

Jo joined the Homeloans Team in May 2018 and has been in the finance industry since 1998 and the Broker Channel since 2008. She has held various roles over this time including Lending Specialist and Mortgage Broker. Jo has a vast understanding of the Homeloans product range having been previously employed at Homeloans for 2.5yrs.

Jo is passionate about building lasting relationships and assisting brokers to provide the best possible outcomes to their clients. She prides herself on her attention to detail, organizational skills and strong product knowledge.

Mobile: 0408 466 931
Email: jo.oliver@homeloans.com.au

Carla Segaram, BDM

Carla SegaramWA
Business Development Manager

Carla Segaram joins our team as a result of Homeloans’ merger with RESIMAC in 2016. Carla has been in the finance industry since 1986, and her vast experience spans from premium banking to non-conforming, within the big four, mid-tier banks and non-bank lenders. With Carla’s extensive experience she is well suited to the broad Homeloans product range.

Carla thrives on building relationships with brokers and helping them grow their businesses.

Mobile: 0438 028 288
Email: carla.segaram@homeloans.com.au

Catherine Fury, BRO

Catherine Fury
Broker Relationship Officer

Catherine has joined the Homeloans Sales Team as a Broker Relationship Officer, and brings over 5 years’ experience in the finance industry. Previously, Catherine has been a Mortgage Broker and worked in Client Management roles for Brokerages and Financial Advisors. Her prior experience has given her the ability to relate with brokers and go above and beyond to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

Phone: 02 9248 2720
Email: catherine.fury@homeloans.com.au

Catherine Fury, BRO

Cherish French
Broker Relationship Officer

Cherish joined the Homeloans Sales team in November 2017. Prior to commencing with Homeloans, she worked as a Broker Support Officer in the finance industry.

She is conversant with the loan processes from end-to-end and enjoys providing proactive support at every stage of an application.

Cherish is enthusiastic when it comes to assisting her clients accomplish their goals and maintaining long term professional relationships.

Phone: 02 9248 0330
Email: cherish.french@homeloans.com.au

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